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Children learning augmented reality

Augmented Reality Level 1
by Meta is now available!

Your Augmented Reality journey begins with the SparkAR Quick Start course by Meta for aspiring augmented reality creators to develop the necessary skills to create basic effects in Spark AR. 


Meta is providing AR/VR training and resources in Spanish, Portuguese and English to help learners, creators and developers build new skills, access technologies and unlock opportunities in the metaverse. Graduates from this course will get access to the metaverse network of companies that require skilled people.

Augmented Reality Track

Level 1: Quick Start

Available Now!

If you are enrolled in the Academy you will receive the link to the course by email. If you are not yet enrolled, please enroll now.

Level 2: Fundamentals

Available Now!

This course is designed for creative professionals eager to learn fundamental AR design principles and practical AR creation skills using Spark AR Studio. It is recommend to have completed Level 1 before starting Level 2.

Level 3: AR Pro

Available Now!

The Spark AR Pro course is designed for experienced augmented reality creators who are looking to prepare for the professional certification exam.


Structuralia is the leading school for specialized online learning in infrastructure, construction, energy and engineering. Soon you will be able to access their online campus and get certified with top universities and institutions recognized internationally.

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